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Chicago Fire
#702 : Entrée en guerre

La caserne 51 fait face à un gros challenge quand un brasier hors de contrôle s'empare d'un complexe d'appartements, piègeant les victimes sur les toits. Alors que la situation se complique rapidement, les pompiers découvrent rapidement que quelqu'un de proche fait peut-être partie des victimes coincées.

1ère partie d'un cross-over en trois épisodes


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Titre VO
Going to War

Titre VF
Entrée en guerre

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Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Matt Casey et le chef Boden

Matt Casey et le chef Boden

Emily Foster jouée par Annie Ilonzeh

Emily Foster jouée par Annie Ilonzeh

Boden gère ses troupes

Boden gère ses troupes

Kelly Severide sort du camion

Kelly Severide sort du camion

Foster, Brett et l'équipe à l'hôpital

Foster, Brett et l'équipe à l'hôpital

Otis joué par Yuri Saradov

Otis joué par Yuri Saradov

Otis entre les camion de pompier

Otis entre les camion de pompier

Christopher Herrmann joué pas David Eignerberg

Christopher Herrmann joué pas David Eignerberg

Sylvie Brett (KAra Kilmer) et Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh)

Sylvie Brett (KAra Kilmer) et Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh)


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Réalisateur : Reza Tabrizi
Scénario : Andrea Newman et Michael Gilvary

Guests : Nick Gehlfuss (Will Halstead), Torrey DeVitto (Natalie Manning), Brian Tee (Ethan Choi), Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead), S. Epatha Merkerson (Sharon Goodwin), Annie Ilonzeh (Emily Foster), Steven Boyer (Jerry Gorsch), Kristen Gutoskie (Chloe), Randy Flagler (Capp), Louis Herthum (Pat Halstead), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Daniel Kyri (Ritter), Timothy Weinert (Paxson), Steve Chikerotis (Chef Walker), Courtney Rioux (Ambulancière Courntey), Cesar Jamie (Ambulancier Cesar), Desmond Gray (Ambulancier Desmond), James Shinkle (Gardien), Jay Rattle (Ronnie Strouse), Genevra Maccarone (Jane Doe), Marie Elena Cohen (Blair)


Boden: We had to pick it up. Was this one of the ones that happened last week?


Herrmann: Hey, Tony.

Otis: You stink!


Boden: Ice Palace Fire, 2013. Over 300 firefighters worked that one for two days straight in sub-zero temperatures. 15 men injured.

Foster: Wow.

Boden: Small ones can be just as dangerous. Andy Darden. Died of a flashover in a two-story frame house. Month later, my good friend Herbie Johnson died in the same type of building.

Foster: Sorry to hear that, Chief.

Boden: How's it going for you so far?

Foster: Just taking it all in. Trying to learn everything I can.

Boden: Oh, for the love of...


Casey: Brett, wait up. I've been trying to find you since the start of shift. You avoiding me?

Brett: Of course not. I'm just... I'm a little busy.


Main: Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25…

Kidd: Sounds serious.

Severide: Seriously fun.

Kidd: Hey. You better bring that body of yours back in one piece, because I have got big plans for it tonight.


Boden: Let's go, let's go, let's go. You ready?

Foster: Ready, Chief.


Jerry Gorsch: Sounds like a big one. I'll ride with you.

Squad 3

Severide: In case you thought this was a false alarm.


Foster: Oh, man.

Woman : Help me ! Help me !

Boden: 51, get me a water supply from the standpipe. Truck 81, Squad 3, I need search teams. Engine 37, get the hoses into the north stairwell. Ambulance 61, set up triage. Get ready, people. We're going to war.

Building - ground floor

Building Manager: Fire's on the 20th floor.

Casey: How many units on each floor?

Building Manager: 12.

Boden: Where's your alarm panel?

Building Manager: It's right over here.

Casey: Mouch, you're on lobby control. Get the elevators down here.

Mouch: You got it, Captain.

Boden: Okay, fire is confined to 20 for now. We need to investigate the fire floor. Get to everybody trapped above it. I made at least four people signaling from their windows.

Severide: We riding or walking?

Boden: Casey.

Casey: Mouch, what's happening?


Mouch: I have control of one, two, and four, but the number three car is stopped on the 18th floor, can't get it moving.


Boden: Can we get a look inside of that elevator?

Building Manager: Number three? Right here.

Casey: The car is empty, Mouch, but keep trying.

Mouch: Copy. Okay.


Casey: Everyone else, help clear the lobby.

Otis: Hey, thanks, but we'll take it from here. You should get outside.

Daniel Mendoza: I got it, it's all right.

Otis: Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take your time, are you all right?

Herrmann: Hey, you're in the way. Out you go! Come on.

Otis: Hey, take your time. Come on, come on, come on.


Boden: Okay, heat is interfering with the electronics. That settles it. You're climbing. To all companies, we can't trust the elevators. Use the stairs only. Stage on 19. Truck 81, give me a primary search on 20. Squad 3, take 21. Engine 37 will attack the fire. Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Jerry Gorsch: I don't mean to be in your way, Chief. I'm just here 'cause Commissioner Grissom wants me to be.


Casey: Keep moving. Follow them downstairs.


Brett: Sir, come sit down. Let me check you out.

Foster: I got waters and oxygen for anyone who needs it.

Brett: Victims from the upper floors will be on their way down soon.

Desmond: Okay. Is that Emily Foster?

Foster: Here, take some water.

Brett: Yeah.

Victim: Somebody...

Desmond: Hey, hey, come on. Come on. Let's go.

Brett: Take a couple of deep breaths for me.

Foster: Take a drink.


Casey: Extra air tanks get stashed on 19! We'll attack from the north stairs. Use the south stairs for evacuation. Hey, Chief, we're approaching the 20th floor.

Ground floor

Boden: Copy that, Casey.


Severide: Got a victim here. Burned bad.

Boden: What's their condition?

Severide: She's breathing but not conscious. We'll get her down.

Ground floor

Boden: Ambulance 61, you take this first victim. I need a floor plan of the tower.

Building Manager: It should be around here somewhere.


Capp: I got her. Grab her feet. Go.


Ritter: Come on, come on, come on.

Paxson: Come on, Ritter, what's the hold up?

Ritter: These threads are in bad shape, keep sticking.

Paxson: I thought I told you to clean the standpipe.

Ritter: I did, Lieutenant.

Paxson: Yeah, not with your hands, with a wire brush!

Herrmann: He used a brush. I saw him.

Paxson: All right, let me in there. I'll do it.

Ritter: I got it. It's on.

Paxson: Well, then open the valve!

Herrmann: Hey, Paxson. Go easy on the kid. He's doing great.

Paxson: Mind your business, Herrmann. Hey, put your mask on.

Ritter: Yeah.

Ground floor

Jay Halstead: Chief Boden!

Boden: Halstead?

Jay Halstead: Where's the fire? What floor?

Boden: 20, why? What's up?

Jay Halstead: My dad lives on 23.

Boden: Casey, what's it looking like up there?


Casey: Hang on, Chief, we're almost in. And we're hooked up. Let's do this!

Severide: Hey, hold on, we haven't had a chance to... Casey, the door!

Herrmann: Hey, Candidate. Hey, you're good.

Ritter: Yeah.

Casey: Fire's too advanced at 20, Chief. We can't get a foothold.

Boden: Okay, new plan. Squad searches 21. Truck continues up to 22. Engine 37, get a hold of that fire floor.

Firefighter: Copy that, Chief.

Herrmann: Let's go.

Firefighter: Copy that, Chief.

Ground floor

Jerry Gorsch: So you're not searching 20?

Boden: You heard him. That hallway is fully engulfed. Where's your father?

Jay Halstead: He lives in 23C.

Boden: Is he up there now?

Jay Halstead: I don't know, he's not answering. Excuse me, have you seen Pat Halstead today?

Building Manager: Sorry, I don't know him. There's over 500 residents in the tower.

Jay Halstead: Chief, my dad's got a heart condition.

Boden: It's okay. We're working our primary search. 23 is next.

Jay Halstead: Do your thing. How can I help?

Boden: Keep that doorway clear, would you?

Jay Halstead: Absolutely. Everybody back. Clear this door.

21 floor

Mouch: Check every unit! Open every door!

Kidd: Fire department!

Mouch: Fire department! Go, join the group.

Kidd: Right this way.

Otis: Follow them, please. Stay low.

Herrmann: Fire department! Anybody home?

Kidd: Ma'am. Ma'am. Come with us. We're evacuating by the south stairwell. Keep moving, keep moving. Let's go.

Mouch: Stay low!

Casey: Follow them out. This way.

Mouch: Come on.

Casey: Clear?

Severide: Clear. Fire department! Call out!

Chloe: Help! In here! Please, help me!


Severide: Hang on! We'll get you out. Fire department, call out!

Chloe: Yes! Here! Over here!

Cruz: Is there anyone else in the apartment?

Chloe: Just us.

Severide: Hey, this room's clear.

Cruz: I got this one, Lieutenant.

Severide: All right, I'll check across the hall.

Cruz: Copy that.

Chloe: The floor is really hot. I think the fire's right downstairs.

Cruz: You'll be okay. Come here, buddy. What's his name?

Chloe: Rizzo.

Cruz: Rizzo? Cubs fan, huh? I'm Joe. What's your name?

Chloe: Chloe.

Cruz: Chloe. We got a clear shot out of here, Chloe. Walk in the park. You're gonna be fine. I'm gonna make sure, okay?

Chloe: Okay.

Cruz: Come on. Let's go, all right. Let's go. Keep your head low.


Capp: She was up on the fire floor. Unconscious, but breathing.

Brett: Let's get her up. get her up. We need to intubate her right away.

Foster: Her airways are burned pretty badly. We need a fiber optic scope to get in there.

Brett: We don't carry those. We're gonna have to do it with this… Damn. I need crich pressure to visualize her chords.

Foster: Got it. Should we just crich her?

Brett: No, I'll get it. My old partner was a master at this. She taught me well… All right. Tube's in.

Foster: Wow. That's nice work.

Brett: Back at you. All right, let's call ahead to Med, let them know her condition.

22 floor

Otis: Let's go!

Mother: It's okay. You're okay.

Casey: Keep moving. Chief, we cleared 22. Kidd and I are headed to 23.

Ground floor

Boden: Copy that. Casey, I got Jay Halstead here. His father lives at 23C. He's not answering his phone. Take a look.


Casey: On our way. Kidd, let's go.

21 floor

Severide: Hey, Chief. We pulled three victims off of 21. I still got a few more doors to kick in. We'll send these down with Truck.

Cruz: Okay, hey, my buddy Otis is gonna take you the rest of the way down, all right? Just do what he says.

Chloe: You're not coming?

Cruz: I gotta get back inside. You'll be fine. I promise.

Chloe: Be careful.

Woman: Excuse me, ma'am.

Otis: All right, everybody, follow me.

Mother: The stairwell is so smoky. Are you sure it's okay to be in here?

Otis: It'll clear up once we're below the fire. Let's keep moving.

Mother: It's a long way down. Can't we take the elevator?

Otis: The elevators aren't safe. I can hold your baby if you want. Hey, buddy. Hey, little guy. You wanna come to Otis? Hey, come on. Let's go.

Mother: I can carry him. That's not the point.

Otis: Let's go.


Jay Halstead: Folks, we gotta keep the entrance clear. I need you to wait across the street. Come on.

Boden: Let's get two more engine companies hooked up to hydrants in case we start to lose pressure. And move Truck 40 down to the corner. I want to leave a lane open for ambulances coming and going.

Main: Copy that, Chief.

Casey: Chief, we're inside 23C right now.

Boden: Halstead. Go ahead, Casey. What'd you find?

Casey: Nothing. The apartment's empty. No sign of Mr. Halstead.

Boden: Carry on, Casey. That's good news, right?

Jay Halstead: Yeah, I guess so. Thanks, Chief…

Street / Chicago Med

Jay Halstead: Hey, man, they just made it to Dad's apartment. He's not there.  You hear back from him?

Will Halstead: No. I just tried his cell again. Still nothing.

Jay Halstead: Same. You think of anywhere else he might be?

Will Halstead: Well, the guy likes to stick to his routines. You know that. A walk in the morning, then home for lunch. He should be back by now.

Jay Halstead: All right, well, I'm gonna keep an eye out. You just let me know if you hear from him. I'm guessing he'll call you first.

Chicago Med ER

Sharon Goodwin: You all right?

Will Halstead: He'll turn up. Old man's a survivor.

Sharon Goodwin: If you want you can head over there and join your brother.

Will Halstead: No, but thanks. I'm good. Can do more here as they bring victims in.

Sharon Goodwin: All right.

Building – Ground floor

Boden: I want a secondary search of the last few floors. Make sure we found everyone that was trapped up there.

Otis: Okay, when you get outside, go across the street, check in with the paramedics, okay? Good work. Go outside. Hey. Where's the woman with the baby?

Chloe: She stepped aside to let faster people go by. I didn't see her after that.

Otis: Okay. Herrmann. The mom with the baby. Did you see her exit the stairwell?

Herrmann: I thought they were up front with you.

Otis: Damn We gotta go up and find them.

Herrmann: Right. Just let me swap out my air tank.

Mouch: Otis, can you take a look at these controls?

Otis: I'm not on elevator duty, Mouch.

Mouch: I know, but the number three car is still fritzing out. It was stuck on 18 for a while, then it went up to 24, and now it's stopped again.

Otis: The mom. I told her we couldn't use the... God! Chief, do we have eyes inside the elevators?

Boden: Camera's out.

Otis: Damn it. Okay, you go with Herrmann, I'm gonna work on the elevators, try a system reboot. If that mom took her baby onto the elevator they could be trapped.

Boden: All units above the fire floor, keep your eyes peeled. We are missing a woman and a young child. I want them found.

23 floor

Casey: Severide. I need to get up to 24 to check on that elevator. Can you guys finish out on this floor?

Severide: Yeah, on it.


Herrmann: Captain!

Casey: Any word on the mom and her kid?

Mouch: Boden's got companies searching from 19 on down, but no sign of them.

Casey: She came from 22, right? Kidd, you and Herrmann sweep that floor again just to be sure she didn't go back up for something. Mouch, come with me and we'll start a primary on 24.

22 floor

Kidd: Herrmann. You're looking a little peaked. I mean, you sure you don't want to stop, take a breather?

Herrmann: Like hell. I could do 20 more flights... And still run circles around you.

Kidd: No doubt.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Kidd: Fire department, call out!

Chicago Med ER

Brett: This is the teen girl we called in. Name and age unknown. She looks mid-teens, second and third degree burns on her torso, neck, and arms.

Natalie Manning: Good, you got her intubated. Let's take her to Trauma Two, get her prepped for a central line, and call Respiratory.

Nurse: You got it.

Foster: That was impressive. Field intubation. Her airways were so burned. I've... Only done that with high-tech equipment.

Brett: High-tech? Okay. What's your story? Because if we're gonna be partners, I need to know.

Foster: Yeah, that's fair. So until last year I was a surgical resident at Lakeshore.

Brett: So, you... You went to med school, got accepted at a highly prestigious residency, and decided... "Forget all that. I want to be a CFD paramedic?"

Foster: Not exactly. Working with you has been great so far. I hope it's not about to go to hell… I cheated on my boards and got kicked out. Some things went crazy in my personal life right before the boards, but I'm not trying to make excuses. I just want you to know, that's not who I am.

Brett: You don't owe me an explanation, Foster. It's your business… Come on, let's get supplies and head back to the fire.

Foster: Okay. You got it.


Casey: Hey! You hurt?

Mouch: Hey buddy, you okay? He's locked up.

Casey: Took a fireball to the face earlier. Probably shook him up. Get him back downstairs.

Mouch: You sure, Casey?

Casey: Yeah. He's in the way. Get him out of here.

Mouch: What's your name? All right. Come on, Ritter, let's go. Hey! My captain just took off by himself 'cause of you. You get to your feet! Lives are at stake!

Ground floor

Boden: Engine 37, talk to me.

Paxson: We're still working our way in, Chief. It's an inferno in here.

Boden: Engine 62, put another line up on 20.

Firefighter: Copy that.

Boden: Chief Walker.

Chief Walker: Had my ears on the whole way here. Sounds like you got a handle on things, Boden.

Boden: Chief. Any news?

Jay Halstead: Nobody's heard from him. I'm worried he's still inside somewhere. Come on, you must have seen this guy today. Pat Halstead. He's a crusty old pain in the ass. He never smiles. Loves to yell at people.

Building Manager: Okay, yeah, yeah. I know the guy. I haven't seen him today.

Boden: Does he have any friends in the building?

Building Manager: I see him sometimes pushing Mr. Strouse. He's in a wheelchair. Ronnie Strouse.

Jay Halstead: A guy in a wheelchair? What floor does he live on?

Building Manager: Uh, 25C. Top floor.

Jay Halstead: That's where he went, for sure.

Boden: Okay. Halstead. I can't have a cop get killed on my fireground. My men will handle it.

24 floor / Ground floor

Casey: Fire department, call out!

Boden: Casey, what's your location?

Casey: I'm on 24 looking for the number three car. We can't open the doors. There's no drop-key access.

Boden: Okay. You make your way to unit 25C. Look for a wheelchair-bound resident.

Casey: Copy that, Chief… Chief, I've got fire coming up through a mechanical closet!

Boden: On 24?

Casey: Affirmative! Repeat! The fire has reached the 24th floor! The fire is traveling through the electrical shafts!

Boden: Is the wiring in this building original?

Building Manager: Uh, no, we did a big renovation a while back. Upgraded all the old copper stuff with fiber optics.

Boden: That stuff's a lot thinner. It leaves gaps. You're supposed to seal those gaps off.

Building Manager: Hey, I don't own the place. If they cut corners, I don't know anything about it.

Boden: This is not good. The fire's traveling faster than we thought… To all companies... We are losing control of this thing. Wrap up your searches, retreat below the fire floor until we get another hose line in place.


Mouch: Come on. Ritter, you heard the Chief. Time is running out. Okay. Okay, Ritter. Here's the deal. I don't like to exert myself unless absolutely necessary, but you're not giving me a lot of options here. If you don't get to your feet...

Ritter: I'm not like him.

Mouch: What's that?

Ritter: I'm not that tough. I can't do it. I'm not like him.

Mouch: Like who?

Ritter: Uncle Anthony. I called him Superman when I was a kid. He fought fires like this. But my heart won't stop pounding.

Mouch: Hey. I'm scared too. Any sane person would be. Difference is, civilians panic. Firefighters react. And you are a firefighter. Now you get your ass off that ground and let's go.

Ground floor

Otis: Green is good. We like green. Come on, come on, come on. Yes! Chief, I got car three moving again. Should be coming down right now.

Boden: Copy that.


Otis: Chief.

Boden: Otis, what is it?

Otis: Got the mother and her... The missing woman and child… She must have ducked out on 18 and got in an elevator against strict instructions not to, and instead of taking 'em down, it must have taken them up, and it looks like, uh... It appears like the doors opened up again... On the fire... Floor...

Boden: All companies, be advised. The missing mother and baby have been... Recovered. Continue secondary search for additional victims.

22 floor

Kidd: Hey, how's your air?

Herrmann: I'm good. I got a new tank downstairs. Why, are you low?

Kidd: I, uh... I got a few minutes left.

Herrmann: All right. You know what, forget it. This floor is clear. Let's get below the fire.

Kidd: Copy that.

25 floor

Boden: Casey, what's your location?

Casey: Just reached the 25th floor, Chief… Chief, 25's going to hell now, too. I can't stay long.

Ground floor / 25 floor

Boden: Copy that, Casey. Do what you can.

Casey: Fire department! Call out!

Ronnie Strouse: Over here! Help! He came to get me, but then he collapsed!

Casey: I'm gonna get you both out of here. Chief, I got two victims on 25, Jay's father and his friend.

Boden: Good call. What's their condition?

Casey: They're both conscious and responsive, but Mr. Halstead's in rough shape. I need a hand.

Boden: I'll see who's close by.

25 C

Boden: Any available firefighter to the 25th floor to assist Captain Casey.

Casey: Hang in there, Pat! Chief! Is anyone coming? Damn it.

Mouch: Casey, we're here!

Casey: Mouch, hurry! Take this one!

Mouch: Ready to hoist him up. Okay, stay low!


Jay Halstead: Dad! Is he all right?

Casey: He was above the fire floor. Swallowed a lot of smoke. Been in and out of consciousness.

Jay Halstead: Casey, thanks, man.

Casey: Yeah.

Jay Halstead: Dad! Hey, this is my father. His name is Pat Halstead. He's 64 years old. Listen, he had bypass surgery a month ago. Dad, can you hear me?

Courtney: He looks hypoxic. Let's get him on oxygen.

Cesar: We can do CO levels and EKG en route, rule out cardiac dysrhythmia.

Pat Halstead: I'm, I'm okay, Jay.

Jay Halstead: Dad, Ronnie looks like he's gonna be okay. You did good. You're damn lucky to be alive.

Ronnie Strouse: Pat going to be all right?

Mouch: They'll take good care of him. All right, here we go. You just got your first save, pal.

Ritter: If it wasn't for me freezing up, you would have got there sooner.

Mouch: Hey, Ritter. You could spend your life on "ifs" in this job. Don't do it. You hear me?

23 floor

Severide: Empty.

Cruz: Same here.

Severide: All right, Chief, Cruz and I are finished on 23. We're coming down now.

Josh: Help me!

Cruz: Whoa, whoa, hey, Severide. You hear that?

Severide: Fire department, call out!

Josh: Help me, please!

Severide: Where are you?

Josh: 20B!

Severide: 20B?

Cruz: That's three floors down. That's the fire floor.

Severide: Hey, kid, what's your name?

Josh: Josh! My mom isn't here and I can't get out!

Severide: Josh! Stay right where you are! My name's Kelly. I'm coming down to get you!

Josh: Okay!


Foster: Looks like they just got out.

Brett: Hey, are you all right?

Casey: Yeah... All good. Just catching my breath.

Brett: Come on, let me take a look at you on the rig… Lungs sound good.

Casey: I'm fine.

Brett: Take a five minute rehab or I'm reporting you.

Casey: Brett, come on. Talk to me. What's going on?

Brett: How could you just let her go?

Casey: Trust me. I'm angrier than you are. Angry, hurt, pissed off... All of it… I couldn't have stopped her. Neither could you.

Brett: Maybe if I hadn't had that fight with her before she decided to leave...

Casey: Sylvie.

Brett: I mean, at least you got a chance to say goodbye.

Casey: Listen, the reason I was trying to find you this morning... She wanted me to give you this.

20 floor

Severide: Hey, Paxson! Paxson! We need to get in 20B! Can you take us there?

Paxson: We're low on air!

Severide: I got a young boy trapped inside solo!

Paxson: We'll get you in, but my guys need relief!

Severide: Hey Chief, Cruz and I are getting the victim on the fire floor, but 37 needs relief on this side line.


Kidd: Herrmann and I are on 19, we'll be right there.

Herrmann: All right, we're gonna have to cut across to get to the attack stairwell. Come on.

20 floor

Cruz: Hey! Severide! She's alive!

Severide: All right, here. You take her down. I'll get the kid.

Cruz: Copy that, be careful!


Severide: Hey, Josh, where are you? Josh!

Josh: Over here!

Severide: Hey, bud! Come on. Let me get you out of here. Hey. It's getting a little crazy out there, but we'll get through it, okay?

Josh: Okay.

Severide: Hey 37, we're coming out. You ready?


Paxson: Negative! We're pulling back! Stay where you are!


Josh: What does that mean?

Severide: Don't worry. Help's coming. All right. Hang on a sec… Hey 37, what's your ETA? It's getting a little stuffy in here.


Paxson: The fire is pushing us back!

Herrmann: Come on!

Kidd: Cavalry's arrived. Sit tight, Kelly!


Severide: Hey, Herrmann, Kidd, I hate to complain, but I got a young boy here.


Herrmann: This thing is a beast! We're coming as fast as we can!


Severide: This isn't working. I'm gonna bail out.


Kidd: Kelly, don't do anything stupid!

Herrmann: Second line is on its way!


Josh: What are you gonna do? What's happening?

Severide: I don't want to wait and see if they can get to us before the fire does. So we're gonna perform what's called a self-rescue. Don't worry. I've done this a bunch… And when we're all done, you'll have a hell of a story to tell your friends… All right, come here… Your job is to hold onto me. My job is to hold onto the rope. You got it?

Josh: I hold onto you.

Severide: And don't let go.

Josh: No way.

Severide: Keep your eyes closed. You got it?

Josh: Okay.

Severide: All right. Hey, Kidd, Herrmann, get out of there. Meet me on 19.


Herrmann: Listen. One more minute, we got this. Hang on, Severide!


Severide: All right, buddy.

Josh: Oh, God.

Severide: Almost there.

Josh: What's wrong?

Severide: Nothing. Nothing, I'm just getting a tool to break the glass… Hey, hey. You okay?

Capp: Severide!

Herrmann: Mayday, mayday! Kidd is down!

20 floor

Herrmann: I need assistance on 20!


Herrmann: Mayday, mayday!

20 floor

Severide: Hey, what happened?

Herrmann: Listen. She ran out of air!

Severide: Come on!


Josh: Mom!

Mother: Oh, God!

Boden: Okay, clear out! Give us some room! Come on!

Severide: Get her up.

Brett: I've got a pulse but she's not breathing. Bag her.

Foster: Got it.

Herrmann: Her air ran out and she just dropped.

Severide: Come on, Stella.

Foster: Start bagging her, please.

Herrmann: You got it.

Foster: Lieutenant, cut her shirt so I can get the cardiac leads on her.

Severide: Come on, Stella… Come on, Kidd.

Brett: Tube's in. Let's hang a Cyanokit on the way to Med.

Foster: All right, guys, let's get her in the rig.

Herrmann: Gotcha.

Severide: Up, up.

Chef Walker: Boden, you've done the heavy lifting. I'll take it from here. Go check on your firefighter.

Boden: You're sure?

Chef Walker: Go.

Boden: Severide, Herrmann, Stella on 61.

Severide: Come on ! Let’s move ! Come on

Casey: Give them an scort !

Foster: I'll drive.

Brett: Thanks.

Severide: Come on!

Chicago Med ER

Brett: It's Stella... Kidd. She took in a lot of smoke.

Foster: She had a pulse but wasn't breathing. We intubated, hung a Cyanokit on the rig, her CO is at 40%...

Ethan Choi: Okay. We got her.

Connor Rhodes: Let's transfer on my count. One, two, three.

Brett: Thank you for taking over.

Foster: I get it. It's family.

Severide: How did you let this happen?

Casey: Hey. Severide.

Severide: Huh? You're supposed to have her back, Herrmann!

Herrmann: Hey, she didn't tell me that her alarm went off. She was trying to save you.

Kikavu ?

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schumi  (18.11.2020 à 14:32)

J'adore les crossovers entre les 3 Chicago! Et quel épisode! Un incendie terrifiant! Et la femme dans l'ascenseur avec son enfant... comment Ottis va pouvoir surmonter ça?

Le bleu qui panique: très bonne idée de montrer que ce ne sont que des hommes, qu'ils ont des failles et Mouch le rappelle d'ailleurs! Ils ont tous paniqué à un moment ou à un autre! la peur fait partie du boulot!

Severide assure (comme d'habitude) avec ce sauvetage de l'extrême! Par contre Kidd prend des risques et le paye cher... hâte de voir la suite pour voir si elle va s'en sortir (faites que oui, faites que oui!)

Sevnol  (29.01.2020 à 11:54)

Excellent épisode, j'ai adoré, première partie d'un crossover riche en action !

Impressionnant l'incendie de cet immeuble, et c'est toujours aussi cool de voir les autres acteurs des Chicago présents dans cet épisode. La scène la plus bouleversante est celle où Otis retrouve la mère et son bébé brûlés dans l'ascenseur... C'est là où on se demande pourquoi elle n'a pas écouté Otis, c'est un professionnel, il connaît bien son boulot, si elle l'avait écouté, elle s'en serait sortie vivante.

On en apprend également un peu plus sur Foster. Je l'aime bien pour le moment, je pense qu'elle peut faire un bon duo avec Brett, elles se complètent.

J'espère que le père de Jay et Stella vont s'en sortir. Severide ne devrait pas s'en prendre à Hermann, Stella est restée pour le protéger et elle savait qu'elle n'avait plus assez d'oxygène.

En tout cas, hâte de voir la suite, je sens que ça va être un bon crossover, comme toujours.

Sophjan  (28.10.2018 à 17:52)
Cest lepisode sur le tournage duquel on est passé cet été ! Jai des photos des camions dans la rue, de limeuble... ça fait tout drôle de le voir et dautant plus De se rendre compte que cetait Le spot de tout lepisode Et du démarrage dun crossover!
Sophjan  (28.10.2018 à 17:10)
Cest lepisode sur le tournage duquel on est passé cet été ! Jai des photos des camions dans la rue, de limeuble... ça fait tout drôle de le voir et dautant plus De se rendre compte que cetait Le spot de tout lepisode Et du démarrage dun crossover!
natas  (09.10.2018 à 21:36)

en effet cette image dans l'ascensseur va être dur à oublié...

c'était vraiment un sacré incendie

Emmalyne  (08.10.2018 à 21:05)

Très bon épisode.

Je suis toujours emballée quand je vois les logos des 3 séries au moment du générique.

Une bonne partie de l'épisode est centré sur le feu et les sauvetages. Durant ce genre d'épisodes, le boulot sur le terrain est beaucoup plus approfondit ce qui permet de montrer pas mal de petites choses qu'on ne voit pas en général (le stagiaire qui panique, les pompiers qui poussent au maximum en oubliant leur sécurité...)

J'aime beaucoup la nouvelle ambulancière, elle est du genre discrète, pas comme Gaby. Brett et elle vont surement avoir une belle relation amicale.

On sait que le fil rouge du crossover sera centré sur les Halstead assez rapidement (Jay est le seul personnage qu'on voit de CPD dans Fire)

L'épisode en profite même pour faire de la prévention au niveau des ascsenceurs... Assez horribles comme conséquences.


Merci aux 4 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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